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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Renewed Faith in Humans #1: Rescue of London Whale

Absolutely fascinating coverage on right now from the BBC, about the rescue of a Northern Bottle-nosed Whale that had wandered down the River Thames in London, UK and stranded itself.

As I watch the live coverage, the whale, estimated to be around 3-4 years old is being transported via barge back down the Thames and towards the estuary and ultimately it is hoped, to open sea.

What a difference, to see so many different groups and organizations collaborating to save this poor animal. The rescue operation to save the Whale is live on the BBC website right


From the BBC:
A whale that was stranded in the River Thames has been moved on to a barge and is being taken back to open water.

The 18ft (5m) northern bottle-nosed whale was placed in a special pontoon in shallow water near Battersea Bridge.

It was then tethered close to two boats and towed to a barge which is heading for the river estuary.

If tests show it is healthy, it is hoped it will be released at about 2100 GMT. But the rescuers are appealing for an ocean going vessel to help them.

However, if the whale is too weak experts may take the decision to put it down.

rescue in pictures...

Now granted of course, judging from previous whale stranding occurrences throughout the world - the outlook for this young whale is pretty bleak. For one thing the species is known to be highly sociable, and this fellow has managed to stray several hundred miles from its nearest habitat - which is somewhere off the coast of Northern Scotland. But the way in which this rescue attempt has captured the public eye is wonderful - can only hope for a good outcome...

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