Saturday, January 21, 2006

Friday is Cat-Blogging Day

I discovered this blog phenomenon by chance today. Seems I am the last to know as usual. This global ritual entails posting a pic of said cat. Here in Singapore I've already slipped into the wee hours of Saturday morning - but hey its my first time, so go easy.

Without further ado, I present Jelly, who is by far one of the most pondering, reflective felines I have ever known.

She thinks - a lot. A great thinker.

This is her majesty earlier today, with her young cohort, Twinkie, looking out for unfortunate geckos in the background.

Jelly is... erm... thinking.

And 12 hours later...

This is Jelly, about to take her great philosophies into dreamland, while she waits for me (her patience being put to the test) to post her bloody cat-blog!

Now everyone say, "Goodnight Jelly..."

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