Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A sad day for an animal man...

After escaping ambush from Asiatic Lions, a near-squashing from angry elephants, a close-shave with a giant Stingray and being defecated on by a family of Flying Foxes... I've finally been injured by an animal - well quite a few animals actually.

It is a sad day indeed:

Last night two of my cats decided to have a fight, and the dogs joined in.

Unfortunately the site of said fight was on top of my head, while I was asleep in bed.
I now have three vicious looking slash marks on various areas of my bald expanse... can't decide whether I look like I've just had a lobotomy or just look stupid. Bandanas and bandaids for a couple of weeks...

Jelly says "It wasn't me"
(this is true)

Monkey says "It wasn't me"
(this is not true)