Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A sad day for an animal man...

After escaping ambush from Asiatic Lions, a near-squashing from angry elephants, a close-shave with a giant Stingray and being defecated on by a family of Flying Foxes... I've finally been injured by an animal - well quite a few animals actually.

It is a sad day indeed:

Last night two of my cats decided to have a fight, and the dogs joined in.

Unfortunately the site of said fight was on top of my head, while I was asleep in bed.
I now have three vicious looking slash marks on various areas of my bald expanse... can't decide whether I look like I've just had a lobotomy or just look stupid. Bandanas and bandaids for a couple of weeks...

Jelly says "It wasn't me"
(this is true)

Monkey says "It wasn't me"
(this is not true)


Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear that, Charith.

Every warrior has scars...some just get them in stranger ways than others.

Ria Tan said...

So sorry to hear that Charith. Most accidents, as they say, happen in the home :-)

Look after those scratches yah? Cat scratches can fester worse than komodo dragon bites (so I've been told).

Jacki said...

Speaking of komodo dragons, did you hear that some scientists posit that they (and beaded lizards) actually ARE venemous? I read that in the University of Florida Museum of Natural History newsletter. I have a scan of it if anyone would like to see it.
I once rescued a week-old kitten who was covered with fleas. I thought I had them pretty well under control, but that night he insisted on sleeping on my head and infested my hair with them! What a weird feeling!