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Friday, September 01, 2006

back from the brink

Well its been almost two whole months since my last entry. Time flies when you're having fun...

Actually after days and nights of frantic editing and frequent pacing of the edit room floor and myriad instances waking up and pleading to no-one in particular, "Why the hell did I choose to make a film with Animal Planet about the most endangered (and therefore most elusive) mammal species in Sri Lanka?" - the job is done (almost).

"Season of the Spirit Bear" will be a thing of reality and celluloid and in Animal Planet's safe hands next week. Its been a blast, its been a bloody nightmare, its given me sleepless nights and times of doubt...

To many seasoned wildlife film-makers, its just another job in the can, but for many reasons this project is important to me. Come November when it finally goes on air, I hope that at least a fraction of that meaning will be conveyed on screen. I will post more details about times when I get them.

But in the mean time - its good to be back. I have got a little tired of sleepless nights!



Jacki said...

Please keep us posted on when your project will air. I'm so excited to see it!

ria said...

Welcome back! I was a little worried about you since there was no posts since the incident with the cats :-)

Kuba said...

Wow... what an insightful entry. I do not think anyone here would have really gauged the significance of this whole project for you without you being so candid.

I am glad that this is a special experience for you and I am grateful that you chose to share a part of it with us.

I will be looking forward to the day it is shared with the world.

whitebird sings said...

Hello Charith

It has been a long time since our internet paths have crossed. It is wonderful to find you and to read that you continue to do good work. I have no doubt that this film too will be incredible. I thank the Great Spirit for you Charith.

so it is
Whitebird Sings