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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Massive in the Area

Being one of those people who can only work efficiently with music pouring into their ears, I don't venture into the field without an i-pod close at hand and some worthwhile tunes. I've got a Shuffle, 'cos I would definitely either lose or destroy one of its bigger brothers in the jungle. Anyway, number one on my playlist is anything by Massive Attack.

Great atmos, great rhythmns, and suitably dark for all occassions. One of my favourite tracks from their last album is a thing called "Butterfly Caught". There are a few remixes of it wondering around, and I present to you one of the better ones:

BUTTERFLY CAUGHT (poly war remix)
(You'll need Real Player to listen in)
(Copy link location and open in player)

Click on pic to find out more about MA:

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