Sunday, January 22, 2006

POSTSCRIPT: London Whale

During a heroic attempt to return it back to sea, the young Bottle-nosed Whale died - sadly an inevitable conclusion to this remarkable story.

If at anything at all - this rescue attempt succeeded on one level - in being a simple illustration of how a concerned community can come together for one brief exhilarating moment to save the life of another species.

Many may argue,
"Well its just one whale - what difference can that make, when thousands of whales will be slaughtered by Japanese Whalers this year?". When you consider just how many people from around the world have been tuning into the live news coverage from the BBC and CNN, and sending in their encouragement and support - you'll begin to notice that this one isolated event, was - for a couple of hours, a global event. And that may well be what makes a difference. however small or monumenal - in the long run.

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