Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Conservation Frontliners: Philippine Eagle Foundation

As a prelude to my next Field Journal entry, a portrait of possibly the most regal animal I have ever stood in the presence of...

Standing over two and a half feet tall, adorned by a seven foot wingspan, and crowned by a royal headcrest fit for a king, the Philippine Eagle is a proud bird indeed.

But inspite of his impressive display of dignity and power, Junior here and the rest of his clan represent the last stand in a battle to save the Philippine Eagle from extinction, a species whose entire population is now represented by less than 200 surviving individuals.

In the next field journal from Mindanao in the Philippines I'll reflect on the extraordinary work of the staff of the Philippine Eagle Foundation - a dedicated group of people who've persevered in their fight to save the species, even in the face of terrorism, poaching, deforestation and non-existent government support.

Conservationists on the frontlines indeed...

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