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Monday, March 13, 2006

Active Conservation Awareness Program

I came across this extremely powerful image from WildAid's Active Conservation Awareness Program (ACAP) webpage.

As more and more incidents and examples of the illegal wildlife trade continue to infiltrate headlines in the popular tabloids, the time is ripe to grab hold of the opportunity and recent swing in public opinion - and start becoming active, in whatever way possible to raise awareness about the importance and urgency of wildlife conservation. WildAid have got big players backing them up - from celebrities to politicians. But even a local neighbourhood effort is as worthy as a worldwide campaign.

For example, there's a terrific bunch of people right here in Singapore who are making just that kind of effort (check out Ria's and Siva's links on the right to find out more) - through volunteer programs, field awareness trips and educational talks. And all of this powered and disseminated via blogs, newsgroups, e-newsletters, online forums... Never underestimate the positive potential of the Net!

So if residents of a small island nation can get motivated and proactive, stands to reason that the rest of the world can too! Reading through ACAP's site provides some powerful inspiration of just what can be achieved...

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