Friday, June 12, 2009

VIDEO: Saving Sarawak's Turtles

A few years ago, I travelled to Sarawak in East Malaysia to find out more about a local conservation project to save the Green Turtle.

Now I have finally managed to edit together and upload a short video snippet of what we saw and the work being done by Sarawak Forestry to ensure the future of this species.

I was extremely fortunate to meet Park Ranger, Christopher Kri who is heading the project. Rarely do I meet a naturalist so in love with their animal wards. Chris' obvious concern and care for the turtles was infectious, and I came away with a much deeper appreciation of this enigmatic animal.

(Chris deserves to be in his own documentary btw - an idea I will continue to work on!)

Here is Part 1:


Anonymous said...

What a terrific video and what an experience for you! A truly professional work. Thanks so much. Keep it up! YAY TURTLES!

Charith said...

Thanks and glad you enjoyed it - was really a magical experience, and hope to go back there some day soon.