Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Season of the Spirit Bear

Hello All, apologies for the absence - illness and a bit of enforced rest have kept me away for a while, but enough about that. I am delighted to announce that Season of the Spirit Bear will be premiering in this part of the world (Asia and South East Asia) on 26th November.

Check out this Animal Planet link for more details.

Internationally, it'll be airing on the 18th November in the UK and Europe, and on the 26th in Australia and New Zealand. It will also be airing in Latin America during November, but I still don't have dates for that region. Anyway it'll be repeated several times during the month.

Happy viewing!

Unfortunately the show is not being aired on Animal Planet US, as their schedule seems to be fully booked for the foreseeable future. But maybe if any of you in the States would like the opportunity to watch it, you could make a request to the nice people at AP! Again my apologies, as I know quite a few people over there who have been waiting patiently to watch it...

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Anonymous said...

I emailed both Animal Planet Canada and USA and requested they air it.

I'll likely be interested in obtaining a copy anyway, but I figured others should see it as well.